Kidney Stone Operation Videos

Kidney Stone Removal - Laparoscopic Pyelolithotomy
Brian Golden · 6 years ago
Kidney stone - PCNL - Dr Prashant Kulkarni, B`lore
Prashant K · 3 years ago
Operation of kidney stone removal
Medical Surgery · 7 months ago
Kidney stone operation
deepak shukla · 7 months ago
Big Kidney Stone, size of big hen egg - Open Pyelolithotomy - Dr Narotam Dewan
Dr Narotam-Dewan-Hospital Ludhiana · 4 years ago
"The latest method in Kidney Stone Surgery"
basil john · 2 years ago
CoAx 10mm Stone Control Catheter from Accordion Medical
AccordionMedical · 5 years ago
Ureterolithotomy for 5cm Left Lower Ureteric Stone by Dr Anshuman Agarwal
MedFreelancers · 2 years ago
Removal of Kidney Stone
Sadikatul Bari Sadik · 1 year ago
Doctors remove 420 kidney stones from patient
World News&EveryThing AbouT Life · 2 years ago
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